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Trading/Business Management


> NDA Between Buyer and Seller
> LOI Agreement
> User Authentication
> Verification of Each Seller/Buyer

Technology Stack

MERN Stack

About Bidzi

Developed using the MERN Stack, Bidzi is your one-stop solution for selling or buying all kinds of businesses. From creating listings to completing the acquisition and selling the ownership, the process of selling your business venture has never been this easy. Bidzi not only enables you to buy ownership with ridiculous ease, but it is also your go-to choice for any kind of legal help pertaining to the process.

The Challenge

Selling or buying a business venture can be tough – especially when you are dealing with complete strangers. Creating a platform that exudes confidence and establishes such a level of trust between the seller and buyer is what makes it project a particularly challenging one.
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The Solution

An all-in-one solution, Mizdi is a revolutionary platform that has raised the ceiling when it comes to purchasing and selling businesses. With Mizdi, you can forget about all the legal complications because it provides a comprehensive legal document encompassing all the technical details. If you are looking for a trustworthy third party to act as an intermediary between you and your business buyer, Mizdi is your go-to website.


Ensuring the security and legitimacy of the buying and selling process, Bizdi acts as an ideal intermediary between the one purchasing and the one buying the business venture.
To ensure the meticulous development of this website, a three-pronged approach was adopted for the completion of this project:

  1. High-level Design
  2. Sophisticated Website Development
  3. Pre-launch Testing
the Design


Testing &

Ropstam adopts a development approach characterized by collaboration, openness, and careful consideration.

High-level Design

Our designers crafted a captivating vision using AdobeXD and Figma, meticulously defining user flows and aesthetics to guide the project’s direction. This high-level design served as the compass, ensuring every step aligned with the ultimate goal.

Sophisticated Website Development

Our skilled developers transformed the design into a dynamic website using WordPress. With the help of custom plugins and meticulous coding, they ensured a smooth, responsive experience, tailored to the project’s unique needs.

Pre-launch Testing

Leaving no stone unturned, our dedicated QA team rigorously tested the website identifying and resolving any potential issues. This meticulous pre-launch testing ensured a flawless debut, exceeding expectations and delivering a truly exceptional experience.


What Was Delivered?
web application develop logo ropstam solutions

Web Application

Embrace the distinctive Mizdi platform and forget the business buying/selling hassle! This game-changing platform streamlines the entire process, from valuation to legal paperwork, making it faster, simpler, and safer than ever before.

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