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Introduction to Code Llama
Meta Introduces Code Llama – A Powerful Large Language Model for Developers

Meta has recently unveiled an AI-powered tool specific for coding purposes. Code Llama, which is available to the general public in several versions, is a machine-learning system that has the ability to generate and explain code in natural language – particularly English. Code Llama, a large language model (LLM), uses text input to generate code. […]

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OpenAI Brings Fine-Tuning to GPT-3.5
OpenAI Brings Fine-Tuning to GPT-3.5 Turbo Model

OpenAI, the creator of the world-famous conversational chatbot ChatGPT, has recently unveiled fine-tuning to its GPT-3.5 Turbo model. The purpose of releasing this feature is to invent supervised products that excel at peculiar tasks. OpenAI claims that the fine-tuned version of the GPT-3.5 can match and, in some cases, even outperform one of the most […]

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Flaws in PowerShell Exposes Data
Critical Flaws in PowerShell Gallery Exposes Sensitive Data

According to a recent eye-opening report by Aqua Nautilus, crucial vulnerabilities exist in the PowerShell Gallery. Consequently, malicious actors and attackers have launched attacks to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. It’s pertinent to mention that PowerShell Gallery is a widely used repository for managing cloud resources such as AWS and Azure. Three critical flaws […]

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Microsoft Set To Roll Out Bing Chat For Different Mobile Browsers
Microsoft Set To Roll Out Bing Chat For Mobile Browsers

Microsoft is soon bringing its trend-setting AI chatbot, Bing Chat, to third-party browsers. Microsoft announced this news on its official website. This means that a broader set of people will have access to this tool. It’s important to note that Microsoft launched Bing Chat back in February. However, the tech giant restricted its availability to […]

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Alibaba Cloud Brings Llama 2 Model to China
Alibaba Cloud Brings Llama 2 Model to China

Alibaba Cloud has achieved a major landmark, becoming the first Chinese tech enterprise to adopt Llama 2 – an open-source large language model supported by Meta. Alibaba Cloud’s partnership with Meta means that the former has brought Llama to China for the first time. This collaboration means that now Chinese businesses can utilize Llama 2 […]

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Open AI Set To Launch Android Version Of ChatGPT
OpenAI Set To Launch The Android Version Of ChatGPT

Microsoft-backed company OpenAI is set to launch the Android application of the viral chatbot ChatGPT next week. This news comes on the back of the iOS version of the ChatGPT application gaining massive success, amassing more than half a million downloads in the first week of its release. It is pertinent to mention that ChatGPT’s […]

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