Listener Kids: Creating Enjoyable Learning Experiences For Children


Kids Education


> Educational Videos
> Christian-centric Songs
> 2D and 3D Video Animation
> Monthly and Yearly Subscription

Technology Stack

React native

About Listener Kids

Teaching young children is a challenging task, especially when it comes to incorporating religious teachings while keeping them engaged. Listener Kids is a unique platform that merges education with entertainment for children under the age of 12. Ideal for enhancing the analytical and reasoning skills of young children, Listener Kids is a platform that emphasizes spiritual knowledge with the help of informative videos and songs.

The Challenge

The platforms focusing on enhancing kids’ spirituality and imparting religious knowledge are few and far between. The sparsity of such solutions is what makes this mobile app a unique and informative platform.
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The Solution

Leveraging the React Native framework, this mobile app has been built with the primary function of keeping young kids engaged and entertained while focusing on incorporating the knowledge and power of Christianity. With this app, you don’t need to worry about the amount of time your children are spending on useless stuff across various social media platforms, because Listener Kids will have your kid entertained for hours.


Thanks to meticulous design and development processes, Listener Kids has rapidly become a platform like no other for young children. This mobile app is easily accessible for both Android and iPhone users.
the Design


Testing &

Ropstam adopts a development approach characterized by collaboration, openness, and careful consideration.

Designing & Wireframing

We weren’t just coding, we were designing for delight. Our designers poured their passion into crafting visually stunning wireframes in Figma and Adobe XD, always keeping the user experience at the forefront. Their peculiar focus on intuitive workflows translated into engaging prototypes that resonated with the target audience, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable journey from the very first click.

App Development

To attract a broader target audience, we ensured the development of both iOS and Android versions of this mobile app using React Native. Such a hybrid app laid the foundation for a hugely successful project.

Testing and Deployment

When the project was done and delivered, the job was not over yet. Once the app was published on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, our team was committed to solving any post-release issues showcasing our level of dedication. Several updates were soon introduced to enhance the quality of this mobile app.


What Was Delivered?

Android Application

iOS Application

Tired of endless scrolling and mindless content for your kid? Listener Kids offers a refreshing alternative. This engaging mobile app, built with the power of React Native, uses interactive stories, games, and activities to spark your child’s curiosity and nurture their Christian values.
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