Promotion of the Team Member

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Events

Employee Promotion has a great role to play in employee satisfaction. It helps to motivate staff, boosts morale decreases absenteeism, and eventually productivity. 

Our employees are working with Ropstam for so many years with complete dedication and hard work. Promoting employees who were already working in your company for so long can benefit you in many ways. As they evolve, they become increasingly important to the organization because of their expertise and depth of ability. 

We at Ropstam always try our best to appreciate employees by certifications, promotions, bonuses, and rewards. 


The announcement of the meeting was made so that everyone should be present in the conference room. We all gathered at the conference room and attended the meeting called by Our company CEO, Sir Wali Jafferi. The new members of our team introduced themselves one by one in the meeting. 

Introduction of old team members:

As the new members of our team introduced themselves. They also wanted to know about old members already working in a company. They all introduce themselves by letting everyone know about the projects they are working on, their designation in a company, and their past experiences. 

Official Announcement: 



Hasnat Ahmed working as an android developer since 23rd December 2019 got promoted because of his best performance and hard work. 

Hasnat is an amazing team member and even when the work gets tough, he continues to have the best attitude. His background in android development gives him an overall understanding of how to improve customer satisfaction, and his ability to motivate his team has led to his continued success in Ropstam.

We at Ropstam are consistently amazed by his performance. After reviewing his performance management decided to promote him as he is the most helpful, respectful, and amazing person. We’d like to congratulate him on his promotion. 

An End to the Day:

After the official announcement, everyone gathered in the lunch area. All the team members had lunch and they enjoyed their quality time together.

Management is still offering some of the best incentives and prizes to keep our motivational standards high as the team at Ropstam is rising. Team members are still motivated to work in such a rewarding atmosphere that with every bit of hard work we get appraisals.



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