Ropstam Mango Mela

Ropstam Mango Mela

by | 07-08-2023


Conducting fun-filled events at a company is of paramount importance as it serves multiple essential purposes. Such events boost employee engagement by creating opportunities for staff to come together, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie within the organization. Such engaged employees tend to be more motivated, productive, and loyal to the company.

Moreover, events facilitate team-building activities, encouraging collaboration, effective communication, and employee trust.

Ropstam Solutions encourages employees to participate in healthy activities. From time to time, various events are organized to promote work-life balance. The Ropstam family was delighted when the management recently organized the Mango Day event, a celebration dedicated to the king of fruits.

From mango-eating to mango-cutting battles, the event included a wide array of competitions that left the attendees in awe.

Beginning of the Mango Mela

As per the religious customs, the event commenced with the sacred reading of the Holy Quran. The soul-touching recitation by the SQA Engineer Arslan Ali left everyone in awe, deeply moved by the profound emotions conveyed through his words.

beginning of the mango mela

Melodious Songs

To officially kickstart the event, Miss Kiran Javed, the HR Executive, pulled off a lovely and captivating song, showcasing her inherent artistic talents. The attendees appreciated this remarkable effort from Miss Kiran. WordPress team lead Suhail Ahmad and UI/UX designer Youel Raza also impressed with their amazing singing talent.

Melodious Songs

Mango Poetry Round

Then it was time for the much-awaited Mango Poetry mini-tournament. The stage welcomed three enthusiastic contestants, each eager to share their poetic prowess and enchant the audience with their verses. The humorous, poetic verses related to the Mango Day theme, signifying the importance of the king of fruits, left everyone in fits.

mango poetry round

Mango Eating and Cutting Contests

A couple of jovial competitions were organized to indulge everyone in the true mango day spirit. First, a festive mango-eating tournament took place in which three volunteers tried to eat a whole mango in less than two minutes.

Following this successful round, a mango-cutting game involved members cutting an entire mango in a specific period. Both competitions were hugely successful and were loved by the attendees.

mango eating and cutting contests

Unveiling Delicious Mango Dish

As per the earlier instructions, attendees were encouraged to bring homemade mango-related dishes. Technical Recruiter Rubab Sabahat brought a delectable mango delight. The attendees absolutely doted the appetizing dish.

Mango Painting Contest

A trio of volunteers stepped up to showcase their artistic skills in the Mango Painting Competition. After fierce competition, Technical Recruiter Majida Akhtar and UI/UX Designer Aqib Hassan reached the final, and much to the delight of the crowd, Aqib was declared the eventual winner.

mango painting contest

Awards Distribution

Before calling it a day, an award-distribution ceremony was held to recognize the winners of the aforementioned competitions. SQA Engineer Arslan Ali won the poetry contest; front-end developer Muaaz Hanif was the winner of the Mango Cutting competition, while Muhammad Waqas, the WordPress developer, received the winning prize in the Mango Eating contest. Miss Rubab was especially acknowledged for bringing a delectable mango delight.

awards distribution

Memories Of Mango-Licious Day

Before heading homes, everyone gathered around the stage for the photoshoot session to create long-lasting memories The attendees were in awe of the memorable mango day event and lavished praise on the management for their hard work in ensuring the success of the event.

awards distribution

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