Top UI/UX Design Challenges and Their Solutions are here

by | Apr 8, 2021 | Blogs

The user interface is not only an essential feature of a website, but it is also the most crucial factor in determining whether or not to make a purchase. According to surveys, 33 percent of companies report more satisfied customers, 42 percent report increased retention, and 32 percent report increased sales due to improved customer service.

Website designers are constantly solving the puzzle of cracking the UX code with ease. While new tools, programs, and technology aid their efforts, there are still numerous difficulties and UX design challenges that prevent customers from having a better user experience. Fortunately, I have some solutions to these issues.

Common UX Design Challenges 

Designers face various problems in UX development, but there are solutions for all of them. Designers need to spot them as soon as they appear. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular UX design challenges and how to overcome them!

Reducing the Gap between Design and Development

In the process of creating a product, both developers and designers play essential but distinct roles. Development is useless without design, and design is futile without development. As a result, a collaboration between the two is needed.

One field where design to development exchange can be incredibly challenging designs to development exchange. A UX designer’s approach to problem-solving differs from that of developers. Although the designer considers the user’s journey, the developers try to determine what is technically feasible.

Design & Development

Budget and Time Restrictions

Budget and time are two critical factors that influence the design and the entire development cycle, and they are connected.

All in a good design is linked, and even color layers serve different purposes. As a result, even minor changes need more effort, hard work, or costs from designers. When designers are pressed for time, they are unable to concentrate on the needs of their clients and, as a result, have less artistic feedback.

Budget and Time

Confused and Complex Chatbots

Chatbots have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they effectively increase conversions and resolve customer service issues. While virtual assistants have proven beneficial to various organizations by providing immediate assistance, they have not always been user-friendly.


This technology allows chatbots to digitally learn proper and appropriate responses for various scenarios, allowing them to improve with each interaction.

Confused and Complex

Lack of Understanding about Your Role

A UX designer must also deal with this problem. The multidisciplinary essence of UX is often overlooked. Many people believe that UX design is solely concerned with making things look good. Simultaneously, you can discover that the business importance of the customer experience is often overlooked. It can be difficult if basic stakeholders are unaware of your position.

Monitor your eagerness to protect your job as well. Invite others to learn about your career through a lunchtime lecture or a casual conversation at your desk. Encourage an open-door atmosphere to dispel any myths about what you do.

Lack of Understanding about Your Role

Product Display

The biggest downside of online product sales is that you don’t know what you will get before it arrives. With various online sales choices, brands should always instill trust in their customers and explain why they must use their products.

In this case, technology and a little bit of imagination will help. Online retailers are now using virtual reality and augmented reality technologies to create 3D product models for a virtual primary shopping experience that was previously difficult. Consumers will see precisely how a product will look in real life using this technology by just using their mobile phones.

Product Display

Android Fragmentation

Smartphones have different display resolutions and a few minor differences from one to the next. Designing and creating an Android app is more complex than doing so for iOS devices.

Follow Google’s guidance and focus on the most recent updates and popular Android smartphone models to handle this.

Android Fragmentation


Designers can make critical decisions for creating a professional website that provides a great user experience for all users by carefully considering the clients’ specifications, choices, and needs.

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