What To Do When WordPress Fails

by | Dec 4, 2020 | Blogs

WordPress can and does fail, but it is better to take proactive steps before avoiding its collapse, loss of information, consumer data theft, or worse. 

Suppose WordPress extensibility restricts the full potential of individual feature-rich pages. In that case, there might be other solutions that can satisfy the need for speed, extensibility, protection, and other features that an out-of-the-box WordPress build does not have, not without its costs. There are a few steps that you can consider whenever WordPress fails:

Secure Your Site

You can secure a WordPress website by simply putting it on the right server and including an SSL certificate. It involves periodically ensuring the site’s theme, plugins, and code are not exposed to inappropriate insertions of features, insertions of backlinks, high-jacking data, or direct destruction of the site. 

Update and Remove Plugins 

Some of the hosts include services that monitor bad-actor plugins and lack of core WordPress updates, which can be areas of weakness that hackers are more easily able to exploit. It is essential to perform plugin monitoring and updates to ensure that they meet quality guidelines. 

It would help if you consider a few things before implementing any update:

  • If the plugin does not provide marketing value to the website, then no need to install it.
  • Ensure that an active developer regularly updates the plugin.
  • Consider positive reviews about the plugin.
  • Does the desired plugin play well with other plugins?
  • Is there a replacement that is better and even more secure?

 In the updates of each of these, caution should be exercised simultaneously as an update of one can appear to disrupt the other’s efficacy.

Implement Proper Redundancy Protocols

Another essential thing to consider is to host the site correctly. When a site is hosted correctly, redundant backup points will help provide your WordPress site with a generous insurance policy against any code insertions, hacks, or other issues.

Daily backup points, including the option for backup and revert to the previous version, can also be beneficial, especially in a website attack or disaster. However, backup capabilities and protocols are the safest options for a server in the hacker issue, but they don’t completely solve the WordPress architecture’s inherent problems. 

Speed Is Paramount

It is important to remember that site speed is not intended to increase search engine load times but is a fundamental feature of web usability and user experience when addressing site speed.

Websites that offer slow loading can result in a bad experience. Google and other search engines want to make sure that they provide consumers with the best experience. Site pace is an enormous part of the user experience.

However, depending on your WordPress site’s complexity and the sheer volume of your content, switching to a static site generator like Gatsby can require a great deal of feedback from your design and software development team.

The Downsides

While all of the above can seem to make WordPress look like the scum of the world of CMS, the fact remains that WordPress still keeps the group of developers hostage by a landslide. The universality has built an ecosystem of designers and developers who are dedicated to the success of WordPress.

WordPress Alternatives to Consider

It’s not just about stopping an unforeseen WordPress failure or repairing it. The need to give consumers the best possible experience is more critical and often paramount. WordPress can fail at security, and at site speed, it can fail.

Moreover, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, and Webflow, to name only a few, are known numbers that can serve as alternatives to WordPress.


Plugins and WSYWIG developers will better suit your situation and feature needs that make life simpler and sometimes less expensive for the website’s neophyte. But when it comes to speed and security, there are definite workarounds and alternatives to WordPress failure.

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