Top 3 WordPress Challenges Faced by Developers in 2024


WordPress can be a great exposure medium for bloggers and entrepreneurs, making the websites built on the platform the current king of the internet. For many business runners, especially small businesses, there is not much time to set up and maintain a functional website. Professional help and guidance from a WordPress developer is the best way to get an online presence effectively for these businesses and eCommerce stores.

However, not everything is all roses, and developers must find ways to face the WordPress challenges with the custom development feature. These challenges might be what the site owners face, and they have to see a professional get around it as well. Still, for the sake of simplicity, we will consider them a part of the issues the WordPress developers usually see. 

Top 3 WordPress Challenges Developers Face in 2024

Here are some common problems that WordPress needs to fix for developers to work fluently. Some of these work challenges still affect developers even in 2024, so before getting on the platform for website design, it is better to know them beforehand.

WordPress Cybersecurity

It is the curse of popularity that you have to handle the threats that emerge with it to undermine popularity. WordPress is a severe issue for cybersecurity. Hackers and cybercriminals spend significant time and effort attempting to hijack WordPress websites and damage businesses, generating web-based revenue. If your website gets hacked, you incur a substantial loss in terms of your company’s financials, new customer trust, and rankings in search engine results.

The company has developed security features for making the CMS extra secure and updates to fix the problems, but it is a never-ending issue because the miscreants are getting smarter. 

Developing a plugin while keeping possible vulnerabilities in mind is a good practice. As to the data compiled by various WordPress development companies, during the first half of 2022, 52% of WordPress vulnerabilities stem from plugins that are not up-to-date.

Cross-site scripting (XSS) causes 39% of WordPress vulnerabilities, whereas exploitations of the WordPress core create 37% of vulnerabilities. Just 11% of vulnerabilities can be attributed to WordPress theme development service providers. Cross-site scripting is also causing 80% of all security challenges across the internet. 

Inconsistent Backends of WordPress Websites

Backend each WordPress website can be challenging because the platform has many customization options, making no two websites identical. 

WordPress developers associated with custom professional WordPress website development agencies and software companies such as Ropstam have to manage multiple sites for clients. It can be challenging to understand how each WordPress account is set up. 

For beginner developers, inconsistencies with the backend can be a problem while troubleshooting, as there is less likelihood of finding a one-size-fits-all solution for every website. While they are finding a way to manage the issue, their websites might face more extended downtimes, harming the business.

Slow Performance

Poor website performance i.e., slow loading times, is a real issue. With WordPress, customers might get tested to the limits if not managed appropriately. Experts believe users should only wait three to five seconds for a webpage to load. Any amount of time longer than that, and the user bounces back. It results in poor business performance as most potential customers get repelled. 

Another reason loading time is crucial to the site’s health is that desktop and mobile loading time makes up the ranking factor of Google (and other search engines). The faster your website loads, the higher the Google ranking; the slower the speed, the lesser the ranking. The slower WordPress eCommerce development websites are punished by Google, which gets further pushed down if the developers do not work on them. 

For any business, ranking low on Google is no place, especially if you are just starting out. The usual culprits are poorly coded plugins, excessively installed plugins, inefficient hosting, or a content database bloated with unused files. These factors reduce your site’s ability to handle traffic, especially over slower internet connections. It is an ideal website development practice to counter these factors when working on a business website.

Not sure how to fix the speed issue: developers need to run their websites through any website speed checker repeatedly to remain at the top of the game. The speed checking tool can directly influence your customer retention and business growth. 


Despite its challenges for website owners and developers, WordPress remains one of the top choices for beginners and skilled programmers to build a website to share their products or services with the world.

While many of these issues stem from the reasons explained above, so many people love to use this platform – the custom plugin development, the ability to build an essential website with limited technical skill, and the ability to share code with other programmers, to name a few, it’s essential to thoroughly think through the implications before making a choice for your marketing.

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