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Top Blockchain Trends to Know in 2023

Blockchain started with the emergence of bitcoin, but now technology has shown its power. You will observe the usage of blockchain technology in nearly every app. This is because this technology helps in protecting sensitive data and provides an opportunity to make some digital currency. As blockchain is revolutionizing, it is important to look at […]

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What Is a Web3 Smartphone and Why Do You Need to Know About It Now

The back-to-back announcements of Web3 smartphone production by significant tech companies in the past couple of months seem like cryptocurrency finally has a solid footing to appeal to the general public.  Till now, all the blockchain technologies such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), or decentralized applications (dApps) could not capture […]

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Top Latest Technology Trends for 2022

Technology is growing very fast, and you should too! If you ask instead why there is a need for such a thing, you probably like it under the rock. Technology is an integral part of our lives. As a world-leading tech development business, we must keep you refreshed with the latest technology trends year after […]

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A New Curve: How Shopify Can Benefit From Blockchain Development

After a decade of proving its mantle in eCommerce, Shopify is trying to retain its reputation by branching out. Blockchain technology and Shopify might seem odd to a reader in a single sentence a few years back. The merger is necessary now that we have entered a revolutionized internet era. Everything is getting decentralized, so why should […]

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Top Blockchain Companies in Canada of 2023 [Updated]

The blockchain industry is expanding and is anticipated to surpass $67.4 billion by 2026. The tech advancement was first employed for cryptocurrency trading and now provides enormous benefits from improving cybersecurity to smart contracts.  Initially declined by financial institutions, now above 90% of banks in the US and Europe are planning to incorporate a blockchain system for transactional processes. […]

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Technology Top Trends Set to Revamp the 2020s

  Technology has come a long way from being hugely mechanical to digital and virtual. Whatever the next ten years bring up will depend heavily on how technology will evolve. The past twenty years alone have seen advancements humans did not make in the past 100 years. The most uncomplicated metric to judge how far […]

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