Dig Into The Ecstatic Tour With Ropstam Family

by | Jul 8, 2021 | Events

Ropstam planned a breathtaking tour to height up team’s motivation, and add fun to regular routine. 

Summertime is all fun and games until the blissful weather becomes unbearable and soaks us in sweat. In such a case, nothing seems delightful, and managing daily tasks seem undesirable.

Blissful Announcement

Thanks to Ropstam for beating the heat and planning an amazing trip. We were in the middle of a hectic day when the news broke and the very next moment, everyone was screaming with joy.

Venue Decision

Every member of the Ropstam Family was suggesting venues, after a lot of discussions, and argumentation we all mutually agreed upon picking up Nathia Gali as our tour locality. Located in the Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, this mountain resort is surely not new for the locals. The serenity of the lush green landscape accompanies a cool breeze to bless the tourists with tranquility.

Departure Towards Our Journey

The day commenced with the scorching heat, in the middle of July. It was decided to leave early for the trip so that everyone can enjoy the time all day long. Some early birds of the Ropstam family appeared hours before the departure and other night owls were a little late.

However, after everyone showed their presence, it was finally time for the trip to start. We all grabbed our preferred seats in the bus and dived in the ultimate contentment. With the sight of breathtaking hills, red peaks, and lush green trees, in a spur of a moment, the harshness of summery heat was forgone.


Ropstam Fam Reached Nathia Gali

It was surely one of the most amazing journeys that took us through the highs and lows just like our life does, but in the end, we eventually reached the destination. Our tummies were growling with hunger pangs and finally, it was lunchtime. We enjoyed scrumptious spicy chicken gravy, biryani, crispy wontons, dumplings, and piping hot chicken macaroni soup.

The day was passing by and Ropstam family was wandering around the streets some of us were hustling in the crowded market while others plunged into the serenity of the wilderness. As the evening was draping the skies, the weather was getting colder and it was the perfect time to grab strong tea and pakoras. All of the team members were chattering, eating, enjoying, laughing, and making memorable moments.

As the Darkness Covered the Light

After a long day of adventure, fun, and happy moments, it was time to leave Nathia Gali, and everyone got into the coaches. On the way back, tiresome due to muscles’ soreness took over our physical energies and most of the team members fell asleep.

Every Journey Begins With The End

In the silence of the journey, the reality of life was screaming its truth. As we come on this planet with the happiest youth, full energy, and when it’s our time to go back home we become silent because deep inside, our souls know that ultimate peace only resides from where we came from.

Ropstam is Planning to Surprise Us With Endless Activities

Rosptam never fails to keep the team members on track with exciting events, activities, and enjoyable moments. Keep landing on this page to be a part of our happiness and cheerful events.

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