Ropstam’s Annual Dinner

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Events

Annual dinners are an essential way of bringing employees together to celebrate, reward, and build loyalty. This is the time of the year that everyone looks forward to and does planning for it. On 5th March 2020 annual dinner was hosted by Ropstam management to celebrate the milestones achieved by the teams. Everyone at Ropstam, including the ex-employees were excited and couldn’t wait for the day to arrive.

Start of an Event

Every great event needs a hand-picked venue. But it also needs to be in sync with your company and the underlying theme of the occasion. The dinner was decided to be held at Wildmen Restaurant, Bahria Town. The event started at 7 pm, and all the employees were on time, and they were so happy after meeting ex-employees. The right-themed party and dress-up according to the event can lift anyone’s mood. Ropstam family enjoyed taking selfies first before the dinner started. 

Dinner time

Waiters served the food after everyone was done with the pictures. There is nothing better than enjoying the yummiest plate of food on the rooftop with fairy lights, background music, and fire pits that are rustic and cool. The delicious aromas were coming from the food that made the whole restaurant smell amazing.

All the caterers were standing there to make sure that the event goes well. Team Ropstam enjoyed a delicious dinner with their office colleagues. Also, no meal is complete without a good dessert served at the end. Everyone loved a slice of perfectly baked cake at the end of the dinner. The dinner was the most cheerful and delightful part of the event. 

Photography Session

Event photography is a fun and exciting niche. Our designer Atif Sattar took pictures of different teams, including WordPress developers, the QA team, Php developers, the application development team, UI/UX designers team, Remote employees, Data entry team, ex-employees, and management. The photography session was full of fun and unforgettable part of the annual dinner. 

Live Music

Who says gala dinners have to be boring? Ropstam management always keeps entertainment in mind, lets their employees enjoy their achievements, and puts extra effort into delivering exceptional results. A break from the same usual routine is essential for enhancing productivity and building creativity in employees.

The band performed live music to make the event more special and memorable. However, employees who love to sing didn’t miss that chance to entertain their colleagues. Everyone sang their favorite song and enjoyed that part of the event wholeheartedly. 

An End to a Day

High achievers from all departments were recognized for their contributions and milestones that helped keep us united and strengthen our company’s bond. It was a wonderful experience and night for each and everyone at Ropstam.

All the employees were thankful to the CEO and the management for arranging this perfect dinner, which brought a smile to everyone’s face. Team Ropstam looks forward to many more years of success and hard work together. We congratulate the team for their incredible achievements in 2020 and hope for an even better year ahead!


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