Elevate Business Ethics with BIM (Business Integrity Myanmar)

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Technology Stack

Next JS
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About Thibbi

This web application is a powerful tool designed to instill and uphold a culture of integrity within organizations across Myanmar. BIM empowers employees and business partners to stand against workplace corruption and unethical behaviors courageously. With the innovative blend of Next.js, CSS3, and Strapi, BIM provides a seamless platform for raising voices and fostering a transparent and accountable atmosphere. By embracing BIM, organizations bolster their comprehension of business ethics and cultivate an environment where transparency is the norm.

The Challenge

Ropstam was tasked with creating a digital platform incorporating interactive features to educate employees on adopting best workplace practices. The objective is to design a digital spot that serves as a forum for employees to learn about workplace ethics engagingly and effectively.

Features Incorporated In The App By Ropstam:

Web Tabs (Home, FAQ, About…).
Font Size Changes.
Time Display.
Change Languague to Myanmar.
Descriptonal Instructional to be followed in the game.
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The Solution

Business Integrity Myanmar provides corporations and their employees with essential training on workplace norms and ethics, without requiring any financial investment or significant time commitment. This allows individuals to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge without incurring costs or sacrificing valuable time.

Front-End Technologies
Back-End Technologies


Business Integrity Myanmar aims to assist employees in understanding the moral values of the organizations they work for. A user-friendly training program allows staff members to acquire these skills without feeling pressured or burdened.

Thibbi selected Ropstam to develop Business Integrity Myanmar. The development process consisted of several critical stages, including selecting the appropriate tech stack, front-end and back-end development, testing, and launching.

A step-by-step roadmap was created and followed diligently to ensure a successful development process.

Road Map

Business Integrity Myanmar is a web-based application that boasts a user-friendly configuration and lightning-fast performance. The platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, providing users with a seamless experience.

To create the web application, Ropstam followed the previously established roadmap, which included the implementation of the drafted design, website development, testing, and ultimately, launching the finished product. This approach allowed for a streamlined and efficient development process, producing a high-quality final product.

the Design
Testing &

Ropstam employs a development strategy that prioritizes collaboration, transparency, and expertise.

Designing Comprehesnion

Developers at Ropstam followed a fundamental design guideline while developing the Business Integrity Myanmar web application. By adhering to appropriate standards, the team efficiently incorporated UI/UX functionality using a streamlined process. This approach resulted in a well-designed and user-friendly platform for Business Integrity Myanmar.


Experienced specialists were tasked with overseeing the execution of the web application. By working closely with a team of skilled app developers, the project was carefully planned and executed. This collaborative approach allowed for a comprehensive and effective development process.

Testing and Launch

After the final stage of development, the Business Integrity Myanmar web application underwent testing before its release. The implementation analysis was conducted using Selenium, and the performance was evaluated using Jmeter. These industry-standard tools ensured the web app met the criteria for optimal performance and functionality.


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What Was Delivered?

Web Application

Ropstam has successfully developed a highly functional web application that simplifies the process of employee training. The platform offers an engaging and user-friendly way to train employees and staff on workplace standards, emphasizing a fun-filled and easy-to-use experience. The Business Integrity Myanmar web application is fully operational and allows users to receive workplace training without feeling burdened or intimidated by their superiors. The platform is also cost-effective, allowing businesses and employees to access valuable training without significant financial investment or time commitment.

Client’s Testimonial

The team communicates very well. It’s very refreshing
Ropstam suggested innovated that we haven’t thought about. Overall outcome is highly appreciated.

John Legend, Founder Thibbi

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