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Technology Stack

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About ClinicGrower

ClinicGrower understands that every medical and dental practice is unique, so they’ve crafted a comprehensive marketing system specifically designed to cater to your needs. Through a strategic blend of Laravel and HTML5 technologies, ClinicGrower offers a suite of services that are poised to transform your practice’s success. From their Done-For-You Fractional CMO service to engaging training courses and high-performance consulting, ClinicGrower equips your practice with the tools to enhance patient acquisition, drive revenue growth, and achieve sustainable profitability.

The Challenge

The medical and dental industries often struggle with marketing efforts, leading to poor patient acquisition, lower revenue, and reduced profits. Existing marketing methods can be time-consuming and costly, causing frustration for marketers. As a result, there is a critical need for simplified marketing tools and strategies to attract new patients while retaining existing ones. 

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The Solution

ClinicGrower’s data-driven approach empowers clients to make informed decisions about their marketing campaigns, resulting in greater value and success.

Front-End Technologies
Back-End Technologies
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ClinicGrower’s interactive and easy-to-use dashboard provides real-time data that enables marketers to understand the efficacy of their social media campaigns. The platform was developed following a robust set of plans to ensure a seamless user experience.

Road Map

Creating a successful web product requires a clear and well-defined strategy that encompasses the phases of ideation, design, and development to deliver functional and effective outcomes.

To create the web app, Ropstam followed a roadmap that included executing the drafted design, developing the website, testing it, and launching it.

the Design
Testing &

At Ropstam, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who follow a rigorous developmental process utilizing the latest technology to ensure the success of our projects.

Designing & Wireframing

Utilizing wireframes is an important part of the web app development process. Ropstam’s team utilized the Figma UX tool to create a seamless user interface (UI) that provides an engaging user experience (UX).

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Clinic Grower’s dashboard was developed using cutting-edge technology such as Laravel, Bootstrap, HTML, and MySQL to ensure that the web application is functional and user-friendly.

Testing and Launch

Testing was an integral part of the developmental process to ensure the social media analytical mechanism was encrypted, proficient, and precise. Constant testing was conducted to achieve these objectives.


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What Was Delivered?

Web App

Ropstam has created a user-friendly social media dashboard for marketers to analyze their performance on Facebook and Go High-Level platforms. The tool enables users to identify the most effective and ineffective ad campaigns, thereby saving time and money.

Client’s Testimonial

Their communication is good and they articulate the metrics quite well. Internal stakeholders are impressed with the team’s knowledge and openness to discuss options.

Brad Ferris, CCO - ClinicGrower.

Clinic Grower

Clinic Grower is a social media management tool to help marketers analyze the details of ad campaigns, the status of posts, audience engagement, total clicks, and overall performance outcomes.

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