At Ropstam, work is not just limited to the office. We believe in promoting a fun and healthy work environment, which is why we organize engaging activities inside and outside our workplace. Come and experience the lively atmosphere at Ropstam!

Ropstam Events

Join the Fun at Ropstam: Boost Your Performance with a Healthy Work-Life Balance. Our modern office space hosts events that enhance employee well-being and create a fun atmosphere, both in and out of the office.

February's celebrations Ropstam Solutions
Feb’s Celebrations

February is the only month to have a length of fewer than 30 days! Over time, the length of February kept changing. At one point, it had only 23 days. Now we fluctuate between 28 or 29 days. But believe me, it just seems small when we think about it however it has the same […]

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January's Surprises Ropstam Solutions
January’s Surprises

There must be a change from that monotonous routine. Celebrations at the workplace result in employee engagement. As indicated by googles hr manager Laszlo bock. “people don’t stay for the money”. If you really need your employees to stay connected. You need to create a fun and encouraging environment. Every once in a while. Have […]

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new year celebrations 2020 Ropstam Solutions
New Year Celebrations- 2020

Don’t get yourself confuse. We are not doctors. Its just that we are wearing our companies shirt and that coincidently making us look like doctors. But we can treat and diagnose your software related issues though. The year 2019 was a tough year. Yet we all made through it and finally landed in another year […]

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December birthdays ropstam solutions
December Birthday’s

Celebrations at the workplace range from monthly birthday parties are actually healthy activity not just for fun but also for the employee’s personal satisfaction. The benefits of the celebrations go beyond the enjoyment of the party itself. Employees gain intangible benefits from these multiple group events. The reality is, in any case, we are going […]

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Be Part Of Ropstam

Tune in to a real-time view of the Ropstam team at work straight from our office. Get a glimpse into the daily activities of our innovative technology company, from coding and designing to meetings, events and collaborations.

Independence Day at Ropstam Solutions

Glamour, Glitz, and Greatness | Ropstam's Gala 2023 - Celebrating Milestones!

Emoji Day Celebration at Ropstam Solutions


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