The Ultimate Property Management Tool with a Multi-Portal Approach.

Karla Properties client of web and mobile app development services by ropstam solutions


Real Estate and Property Management


> Property Management Dashboard
> Rewards App for Renters
> Online Payment Gateway
> Cashback System
> Service Provider Portal
> Landlord Portal
> Tenant Portal


Technology Stack


About Property

Mangement System

A property management tool that offers a multi-portal approach to simplify the property management process. With separate portals for service providers, landlords, and tenants, streamlines communication, payment processing, and rewards for all parties involved in the property management process. It is thoughtfully built using Flutter, Laravel, and Vue.js, ensuring a flawless and efficient property management experience.

The Challenge

The challenge Property Management System sought to address was the complexity and time-consuming process of traditional property management. Property owners and tenants often face issues with communication and payment processing, which can lead to misunderstandings, missed payments, and other complications.

The Solution

Property Management System offers a multi-portal approach that simplifies the property management process by streamlining communication, payment processing, and rewards for all parties involved. The service provider portal offers an easy way for providers to manage work orders and track payments, while the landlord portal offers a simple and efficient way for property owners to manage their properties and communicate with tenants. The tenant portal offers an easy way for tenants to manage their rental payments and communicate with their landlords, while the rewards app offers an incentive for renters to use the app for payment processing and earn cashback that can be applied to their rent.


To develop Property Management System, Ropstam followed a strategic roadmap that included discovery, design, development, testing, and launch. During the discovery phase, Ropstam worked with the Karla Properties team to understand their unique needs and develop a plan that would address their pain points.

To bring the web app to fruition, Ropstam followed a strategic roadmap that included the implementation of the designed plan, the creation of the website, thorough testing, and a successful launch.

the Design


Testing &

Ropstam adopts a development approach characterized by collaboration, openness, and careful consideration.

Designing & Wireframing

Wireframes play a crucial role in the development process of apps by serving as a blueprint. To proceed with the creation of Karla Properties, Adobe XD and Figma were utilized as UI/UX tools.

App Development

The development team then used the Laravel framework to build the backend of the platform, connecting the property management dashboard and the rewards app. The front-end development of the rewards app was done using Flutter, while the property management dashboards were built using Vue.js.

Testing and Launch

Once development was complete, Ropstam conducted thorough testing to ensure compatibility and performance across all platforms. The app was tested separately on the web, iOS, and Android operating systems using manual and automated testing methods. In addition to testing, the app was deployed on the client’s server and launched successfully.


What Was Delivered?

Android Application

iOS Application

Web Application

Property Management System has been successful in streamlining the property management process for all parties involved. The separate portals for service providers, landlords, and tenants have simplified communication and payment processing, while the rewards app has incentivized renters to use the app for payment processing and earn cashback that can be applied to their rent.

Client’s Testimonial

The team communicates very well. It’s very refreshing
Ropstam suggested innovated that we haven’t thought about. Overall outcome is highly appreciated.

Founder - Property Management System

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