Build Mobile App Development Team – Tips, Structure & Roles

by | 14-04-2022

Building a mobile app development team structure involves defining roles and responsibilities, selecting skilled professionals with diverse expertise, and fostering effective communication and collaboration. A typical app development team structure involves roles like project manager, UI/UX designer, developer, and quality assurance. The team’s synergy and collaboration are crucial for successful app development.

How to Build a Mobile App Development Team Structure? – Step-by-Step

While you’re looking at how to assemble a mobile app advancement team, you initially ought to characterize what experts you really want and the number. As the size of an app improvement team relies upon the intricacy and size of a project, how about we start with the essential number of experts expected for fostering a mobile app using right practices:

  1. Project manager
  2. UI/UX designer
  3. iOS developer
  4. Android developer
  5. Backend developer
  6. Quality assurance engineer

Project Manager

Whenever you come to a mobile app development organization with your app thought, you’ll be relegated to a project manager (PM) to be your aide and your connection to designers. A project manager assumes a sense of ownership of a project from beginning to end.

A project manager principally around the exhibition of the app development process, adherence to times, and quality guidelines in light of the item manager’s vision.


The project manager’s responsibilities are:

  1. Distributing tasks to the development team, setting terms for runs, and focusing on tasks.
  2. Assessing your project and remaining reasonably affordable for you
  3. Building correspondence between you as the client and engineers as workers for hire
  4. Adjusting changes to the app development plan
  5. Keeping up with quality, hitting deadlines, and holding costs back from running crazy

Required Skills

They should possess the following soft and hard skills:

  1. Leadership, correspondence, decisive reasoning, using time effectively, teamwork, inventiveness, discretion
  2. Knowledge of various project management strategies like Waterfall and Agile with the Scrum or Kanban structures
  3. Solid experience utilizing project management instruments like TeamGantt, Asana, and Confluence.
  4. A manager ought to have similar delicate and hard abilities as a project manager as well as solid experience utilizing examination instruments like Firebase, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and App Annie.

UI/UX Designer

The fundamental errand of the UI/UX designer is to convey a delightful client experience by giving a brief, instinctive, intriguing, and drawing app plan.


The responsibility of the UI/UX designer is:

  1. Create a client persona
  2. Think over the client stream and sketch app wireframes
  3. Create visual app models
  4. Build a natural app interface
  5. Make changes as indicated by clients’ input and testing information

Required Skills

In light of these obligations, you want to enlist a UI/UX designer with the accompanying abilities:

  • Aptitude working with UI/UX configurations like Figma, InVision, and Sketch
  • Exceptional information on UX research, wireframing, UI prototyping, and communication plan
  • Knowledge of coding to be in total agreement with software engineers

iOS and Android Developers

The iOS and Android working frameworks utilize different programming languages and have various prerequisites. That is the reason you want a different iOS app development team and Android development team for every stage. Whether you ought to fabricate your app for one stage or both, rely upon your interest group and your financial plan.

As a rule, Android and iOS engineers are answerable for the specialized piece of mobile app development. You need to make sure they are satisfied with the company to ensure they work well.

Required Skills for iOS Developers

Required abilities for an iOS designer:

  1. Mastery of Objective-C and Swift to construct local apps
  2. Knowledge of the Xcode IDE – the primary development climate for macOS, iOS, and iPadOS apps
  3. A handle on how to construct apps for the last couple of ages of iOS and iPadOS

Required Skills for Android Developers

With respect to an Android engineers, they should have the accompanying abilities:

  1. In-profundity information on the Kotlin and Java programming languages
  2. Proven experience utilizing Android Studio, the IDE for Android apps
  3. Ability to create an app that upholds different Android forms, gadgets, and screen sizes

There’s additionally a choice to fabricate a cross-stage mobile app with a compose once, run-whenever code unmistakable across any stage. The cross-stage approach lessens development cost and velocities up the end app conveyance; however, it conveys the app execution issues, a set number of elements, and UX difficulties; from there, the sky is the limit so.


While picking cross-stage app development, you want to track down a developer with the accompanying experience:

  • Active development experience with the React Native system
  • Cross-stage app development experience utilizing the Xamarin, Flutter, or Ionic stages

Backend Developer

The backend developer deals with a server working, distributed storage, and functional rationale. A backend engineer is answerable for various things. To deal with a multitude of tasks, a profoundly qualified backend designer ought to have:

  • Involved insight with programming languages like Java, .Net, Python, PHP, or Ruby
  • Experience with code forming instruments like Git

QA Engineer

The primary errand of a quality confirmation (QA) engineer is observing each phase of mobile app development to be certain the plan and mobile programming stick to all necessities. The job of a wise QA engineer in app development can’t be undervalued. Uncovering the app’s blemishes and bugs on time assists you with fulfilling the project discharge time constraints and adhering to the financial plan.

We should give a once-over of the QA engineer’s overall obligations:

  • Solid experience utilizing QA testing instruments like TestComplete, Robotium, and Appium
  • Information on component and bug global positioning frameworks like Jira

Presently how about we sum up what experts become possibly the most important factor at each phase of app development.

App Development Stages for a QA Engineer

The primary errand of a quality confirmation (QA) engineer is checking each phase of mobile app development to be certain the plan and mobile programming stick to all necessities. The job of an adroit QA engineer in app development can’t be undervalued. Uncovering the app’s imperfections and bugs on time assists you with fulfilling the project discharge time constraints and adhering to the financial plan.


How about we give a summary of the QA engineer’s overall obligations:

  • Solid experience utilizing QA testing devices like TestComplete, Robotium, and Appium
  • Information on an element and bug global positioning frameworks like Jira

Presently how about we sum up what experts become an integral factor in each phase of app development.

We’ve divided the app development process into five main stages for simplicity to specify the software development team members who participate in each stage.

Stage 1 — Discovery

At this stage, you really want to characterize app objectives, values, and highlights, break down contenders, recognize the main interest group, and imagine your app by drawing mockups. Toward the finish of the revelation stage, you want to make a low-devotion app model be certain you and your development team are in total agreement.

Stage 2 — Idea Validation

At this stage, you ought to zero in on deciding your dynamic and paying clients and affirming your app’s pertinence by dissecting starting clients’ encounters utilizing an idea approval model. In view of responses from your crowd, you can begin to foster a medium-constancy app model picturing your app’s UX plan and stream.

Stage 3 — UI/UX Strategy

This is the point at which you begin to plan a UI exhaustively. You ought to make a high-devotion app model, creating it intuitively so your analyzers can attempt the app’s route and give you input about the app’s comfort.

Stage 4 — Design and Development

At this stage, your application development team begins coding and planning a feasible base item (MVP) – a component situated item with an exact plan and helpful connection point yet not a completely fledged mobile app.

Stage 5 — Testing and Improving

This stage includes investigating the client experience to fix all accidents and bugs and change everything expected to make your app all that it very well maybe. You can constantly add new app highlights and test whether they’re required. Doing so will lead you to create a completely practical and effective app. Presently how about we sort out the mobile app development jobs as per the previously mentioned development stages.

Five Models for Hiring a Staff Needed to Create an App

Now that you’re mindful of the mobile development team structure, the circulation of jobs in app development, and the team size that is appropriate for your project, now is the ideal time to sort out the most effective way of gaining mobile app development specialists for your project.

There’re five models for utilizing experts to create your app:

Model 1 – In-house Developers

These are experts sitting in your office and working all day just on your project. Having an in-house development team empowers you to control the app development interaction and select team individuals all alone.

Model 2 – Freelancers

Freelancers are valuable when you want to employ individual experts with an elevated degree of skill for settling one-time tasks. You can contact consultants straightforwardly, and they’re probably going to assist you with reducing expenses. You can pick specialists by perusing their portfolios on independent stages.

Model 3 – A Dedicated Team

A dedicated team is a gathering of distant IT experts you can employ from an outsider specialist co-op. This gathering will incorporate designers, designers, and QA engineers who work under a project manager. They will chip away at your project and work together with your in-house designers while residual representatives of the outsider specialist co-op.

Model 4 – Staff

Out staffing implies an outsider development organization will give you one or a few experts to supplement your team expected to fabricate an app and give required insight. Out staffing experts are workers of an outsider organization yet become a piece of your app configuration team and perform tasks you dole out to them.

Model 5 – Outsourcing to a Third-party Company

Outsourcing to a third-party company is ideal for appointing your whole project execution from start to finish. Re-appropriating implies you totally share your app’s execution with an outsider development organization.

Consult with Ropstam Solutions for Mobile App Development Services

In this article, we’ve shared the most pivotal tips on the most proficient method to assemble a fruitful mobile development team. Moving to an app development organization can be a sensible choice since you get a very close team of IT experts who are prepared to begin promptly without investing energy and cash on monotonous scouting. In the event that you want an app development team, services, or a consultation, reach out to us.

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